A easy way to get Blue Floettes! (2023)

A easy way to get Blue Floettes! (1)

CalimTheCrystalGem31 January 2017User blog:CalimTheCrystalGem

(Video) SHAYMIN + ANOTHER SHINY?!?! | Pokémon Brick Bronze [#32] | ROBLOX

(Video) Getting blue floette

Not that easy, though...

Anyways, we all know Blue Floettes, and we all hate them!

(Video) How to get the 5 different colors of floette in "POKEMON BRICK BRONZE"

They simply have 1% to be found in a single route, and she is needed to get a important prize.

But worry not, I have found an, erm...quicker? Way to get them.


I already added a section about it on the Breeding page.

Basically, if you breed ANY color of Floette, and the egg is a Flabebe, the Flabebe can come in ANY color. For example, I bred my Red Floette with a Hoppip. I hatched a Orange Flabebe.

This does take some time to complete, but it is surely better than walking randomly on a flower path. In fact, eggs will hatch faster if you have a Pokemon with Flame Body or Magma Armor in your party.

(Video) How to get Blue Floette also teaching you how to get Mew Pokemon Brick Bronze

Litwick and its evos are a nice idea. They can be found by finding a purple candle on the mansion, plus they are pretty good Pokemon even in competitive. Though, it may also take some time to get a Litwick with Flame Body though.

Thank me later.


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