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Welcome to the world of Pokemon Arceus, an exciting new adventure game released on Nintendo Switch. In this game, you play as a Pokemon trainer tasked with exploring the ancient region of Hisui, capturing Pokemon, and battling other NPC trainers. In addition, you can also uncover hidden secrets, use special moves to enhance your gameplay experience, and much more. This guide will take you through all of the moves, basics and need to know information for Pokemon Legends Arceus, helping you become the ultimate Pokemon trainer.


Chapter 1: Getting Started
Chapter 2: Basic Pokemon Moves and Battle Styles
Chapter 3: Secret Techniques & Hidden Areas
Chapter 4: Items and Inventory
Chapter 5: Map, Locations, and Points of Interest
Chapter 6: Secrets and Easter Eggs

Chapter 1: Getting Started

In this chapter, you’ll learn the basics of the game, including how to navigate the game world, catch Pokemon, and battle other trainers. You’ll also get an overview of the main storyline and objectives of the game.

1.1 The Main Menu
Welcome to the world of Pokemon Arceus! This chapter will cover the basics of the game and help you get started on your journey as a Pokemon trainer.

When you first launch the game, you’ll be taken to the main menu. From here, you can select a number of different options:

Story Mode: This is the main campaign of the game. You’ll follow the storyline and complete various tasks, such as catching Pokemon, battling other trainers, and exploring the game world.
Mystery Gift: This option allows you to receive special items or Pokemon from Nintendo via the internet.
Communication: Here, you can connect with other players and participate in online battles and trades.
Settings: You can adjust various settings, such as sound and display options, here.

1.2 The Game World

Once you start playing Story Mode, you’ll be placed in the game world. The world is divided into several areas, each with its own unique Pokemon and challenges. You’ll start in a small village called Jubilife Village, where you’ll receive your first Pokemon and begin your journey.

To move around the world, you can use the left joystick on your Nintendo Switch controller. Pressing the A button will allow you to interact with objects and characters in the game world, such as talking to other trainers or picking up items.

1.3 Catching Pokemon

One of the main objectives of the game is to catch as many different Pokemon as possible. To catch a Pokemon, you’ll need to first encounter one in the wild. When you see a Pokemon, approach it slowly and carefully to avoid scaring it away.

Once you’re close enough to the Pokemon, press the A button to start the battle. In battle, you’ll need to weaken the Pokemon by attacking it with your own Pokemon’s moves. Once the Pokemon’s health is low enough, you can use a Poke Ball to try and catch it.

1.4 Battling Other Trainers

Another important aspect of the game is battling other trainers. You’ll encounter other trainers throughout the game world, and engaging in battles with them will help you level up your own Pokemon and earn rewards.

To initiate a battle with another trainer, simply approach them and press the A button. In battle, you’ll take turns attacking with your Pokemon’s moves. The first trainer to defeat all of the other trainer’s Pokemon wins.

1.5 Leveling Up and Evolving Pokemon

As you battle and catch Pokemon, you’ll earn experience points (XP). Once your Pokemon earn enough XP, they’ll level up, gaining new moves and becoming stronger overall. Some Pokemon can also evolve into more powerful forms as they gain levels.
Leveling up and evolving your Pokemon is a crucial aspect of Pokemon Arceus, as it will not only increase their stats and abilities but also allow them to learn new moves and evolve into more powerful forms. Here are some tips and strategies for leveling up and evolving your Pokemon in the game:

Battle frequently: The most obvious way to level up your Pokemon is by battling. Whenever you encounter wild Pokemon or other trainers, be sure to engage in battles to gain experience points (EXP). As your Pokemon gain more EXP, they will level up and become stronger.

Use Exp. Share: Exp. Share is an item that allows all of the Pokemon in your party to gain EXP, even if they did not participate in battle. This is a great way to level up weaker Pokemon and make them stronger.

Catch new Pokemon: Catching new Pokemon will not only give you more options for battle, but it will also provide you with more opportunities to gain EXP. Whenever you encounter a new species of Pokemon, be sure to catch it and add it to your party.

Use Evolution Stones: Some Pokemon in Pokemon Arceus require the use of Evolution Stones to evolve. These stones can be found throughout the game world or purchased from certain NPCs. Keep an eye out for them and use them when you want to evolve your Pokemon.

Check for evolution conditions: Some Pokemon have special conditions that must be met in order to evolve. For example, Eevee can evolve into different forms depending on which stone is used or which condition is met. Be sure to check the Pokemon’s evolution conditions in the Pokedex to make sure you’re meeting all the requirements.

Keep an eye on move sets: As your Pokemon level up and evolve, they will learn new moves. Make sure to keep an eye on their move sets and replace weaker moves with stronger ones to maximize their battle potential.

By following these tips and strategies, you can level up and evolve your Pokemon quickly and effectively, making them formidable opponents in battle. Remember to always keep your Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses in mind when strategizing and don’t be afraid to experiment with different team compositions to find the best one for your playstyle.

Chapter 2: Basic Pokemon Moves and Battle Styles

This chapter is all about the moves that your Pokemon can learn and use in battle. You’ll discover the different types of moves and their effects, as well as strategies for using them effectively in battles. Understanding these fundamentals in Pokemon Arceus will help you become a more skilled Pokemon trainer.

2.1 Types of Moves

There are four main types of moves that a Pokemon can learn: Physical, Special, Status, and Z-Moves.

Physical Moves: These are moves that use the Pokemon’s physical strength, such as Tackle or Punch. They deal damage based on the Pokemon’s Attack stat and the opponent’s Defense stat.
Special Moves: These are moves that use the Pokemon’s special abilities, such as Fire Blast or Thunderbolt. They deal damage based on the Pokemon’s Special Attack stat and the opponent’s Special Defense stat.
Status Moves: These are moves that affect the status of either the user or the opponent, such as Poison Sting or Sleep Powder. They don’t deal direct damage, but can make battles easier by lowering the opponent’s stats or inflicting status conditions.
Z-Moves: These are special, powerful moves that can only be used once per battle. They require a specific type of Z-Crystal held by the Pokemon, and can deal massive damage or boost the user’s stats.

2.2 Battle Styles

There are two main battle styles in Pokemon Arceus: Single Battles and Double Battles.

Single Battles: In a Single Battle, you’ll use one Pokemon at a time to battle against another trainer’s single Pokemon. This is the most common type of battle.
Double Battles: In a Double Battle, you’ll use two Pokemon at a time to battle against another trainer’s two Pokemon. This type of battle requires more strategy, as you’ll need to coordinate your Pokemon’s moves and abilities.

2.3 Type Matchups

Each Pokemon has one or two types, such as Fire, Water, or Grass. Each type has its own strengths and weaknesses against other types. Understanding these matchups is crucial to winning battles.

Super Effective: A move that is super effective against an opponent’s Pokemon will deal double damage. For example, a Water move is super effective against a Fire-type Pokemon.
Not Very Effective: A move that is not very effective against an opponent’s Pokemon will deal half damage. For example, a Grass move is not very effective against a Water-type Pokemon.
Immune: Some types are immune to certain moves altogether. For example, a Ground-type Pokemon is immune to Electric-type moves.

2.4 Status Conditions

In addition to dealing damage, some moves can inflict status conditions on the opponent’s Pokemon. These conditions can make battles easier by lowering the opponent’s stats or preventing them from attacking altogether.

Poisoned: The Pokemon will take damage each turn until the condition is cured.
Burned: The Pokemon’s Attack stat will be lowered, and it will take damage each turn until the condition is cured.
Paralyzed: The Pokemon’s Speed stat will be lowered, and it has a chance of being unable to attack each turn.
Asleep: The Pokemon will be unable to attack for a number of turns, or until it is woken up by a specific item or move.

Now that you understand the basic moves and battle styles in Pokemon Arceus, you’ll be better equipped to take on other trainers and become the ultimate Pokemon trainer. Remember to experiment with different types of moves and battle styles to find the strategy that works best for you and your Pokemon. Good luck on your journey!

In addition to standard Pokemon moves, your trainer can also use Secret Techniques to explore the game world and uncover hidden areas. This chapter will cover all of the Secret Techniques in the game and how to use them.

Secret Techniques

Cut: Allows you to cut down trees blocking your path.

Surf: Allows you to travel across bodies of water.

Strength: Allows you to move heavy objects blocking your path.

Rock Smash: Allows you to break through cracked walls and rocks.

Dig: Allows you to quickly travel to underground areas.

Fly: Allows you to fast travel to areas you’ve previously visited.

Make sure to check in with the NPC Move Tutors located in various towns and cities throughout the game. They can teach your Pokemon additional Secret Techniques that may be helpful on your adventure.

Hidden Areas

Pokemon Arceus is full of hidden areas that you won’t be able to access without the right tools or abilities. Here are a few examples of hidden areas you should keep an eye out for:

Ruins: There are several ancient ruins scattered throughout the game’s world. Many of these ruins are blocked off by obstacles that you can only remove using Secret Techniques like Cut or Strength. Exploring these ruins can often yield rare items and powerful Pokemon.

Caves: There are numerous caves scattered throughout the world, many of which contain valuable items and Pokemon that you won’t find anywhere else. Make sure to bring a Pokemon with the Dig Secret Technique to access underground caves.

Hidden Paths: Keep an eye out for paths that aren’t immediately obvious. Sometimes these paths will lead you to hidden areas full of rare items and Pokemon.

Secret Bases: Once you’ve progressed far enough in the game, you can create your own Secret Base. These hidden areas can be decorated with furniture and other items, and can even be customized with traps and other obstacles to challenge other players.

By mastering the Secret Techniques and exploring hidden areas, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Pokemon Arceus master. Good luck on your journey!

Chapter 4: Items and Inventory

In Pokemon Arceus, your inventory is essential to your success. By managing your items wisely, you can heal your Pokemon, catch new ones, and navigate through the game’s world with ease. In this chapter, we’ll go over some of the essential items you’ll need to know about to succeed in your adventure.

Poke Balls

Poke Balls are used to catch new Pokemon. There are several types of Poke Balls available in the game, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Here are some of the most common types of Poke Balls:

Poke Ball: The basic Poke Ball. Has a 1x catch rate.

Great Ball: A stronger Poke Ball with a 1.5x catch rate.

Ultra Ball: The strongest Poke Ball, with a 2x catch rate.

Net Ball: Best for catching Water- and Bug-type Pokemon.

Quick Ball: Best for catching Pokemon on the first turn.

Make sure to stock up on Poke Balls before heading out into the wild. You never know when you might encounter a rare Pokemon!

Healing Items

Healing Items are used to restore your Pokemon’s health during and after battles. Here are some of the most common types of Healing Items you’ll encounter in the game:

Potion: Restores 20 HP.

Super Potion: Restores 50 HP.

Hyper Potion: Restores 200 HP.

Max Potion: Fully restores a Pokemon’s HP.

Full Restore: Fully restores a Pokemon’s HP and heals any status conditions.

Make sure to keep a healthy stock of healing items on hand, especially when exploring new areas with tough wild Pokemon.

Status-Condition Items

Status-Condition Items are used to heal your Pokemon from negative status conditions, such as poison or paralysis. Here are some of the most common types of Status-Condition Items:

Antidote: Heals poison.

Paralyze Heal: Heals paralysis.

Awakening: Heals sleep.

Burn Heal: Heals burn.

Ice Heal: Heals freezing.

Make sure to keep a variety of Status-Condition Items on hand to heal your Pokemon from any negative conditions they may encounter.

TMs & HMs

TMs and HMs are special items that can teach your Pokemon new moves. TMs can be used an unlimited number of times, while HMs are used to teach your Pokemon moves that allow you to navigate through the game’s world. Here are some of the most common TMs and HMs you’ll encounter in the game:

Surf: HM that allows your Pokemon to travel across bodies of water.

Cut: HM that allows your Pokemon to cut down trees blocking your path.

Strength: HM that allows your Pokemon to move heavy objects blocking your path.

Rock Smash: HM that allows your Pokemon to break through cracked walls and rocks.

Make sure to use TMs and HMs strategically to give your Pokemon an edge in battle and navigate through the game’s world.

By managing your items and inventory wisely, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Pokemon Arceus master. Good luck on your journey!

Chapter 5: Map, Locations, and Points of Interest

In Pokemon Arceus, the game world is vast and filled with a variety of locations and points of interest. Here, we’ll explore some of the key areas you’ll encounter and what to expect when you visit them.

The Map:

The game map in Pokemon Arceus is an expansive and open world that you can explore at your own pace. You’ll find a variety of environments, including forests, mountains, lakes, and more. As you explore the map, you’ll encounter wild Pokemon, other trainers, and various points of interest.

To view the map, simply open your menu and select the Map option. From there, you can view the world map, as well as zoom in and out to get a better view of specific areas.


There are several key locations on the map that you’ll encounter during your journey through Pokemon Arceus. These include:

Jubilife Village: This is the starting location of the game and serves as a hub where you can buy items, heal your Pokemon, and speak to other trainers.

Hisui City: This is a large city located near the center of the game world. It is home to a variety of shops, trainers, and other points of interest.

Mount Coronet: This is a large mountain located in the northern part of the game world. It is home to a variety of wild Pokemon and serves as a key location for advancing the game’s story.

Points of Interest:

In addition to these key locations, there are several points of interest scattered throughout the game world that you’ll want to visit. These include:

Shrines: There are several shrines located throughout the game world that serve as places of worship for the game’s legendary Pokemon. Visiting these shrines can provide you with valuable items and information.

Ruins: There are several ruins located throughout the game world that contain valuable items and secrets. Be sure to explore these ruins thoroughly to find all of their hidden treasures.

Fishing Spots: Fishing spots are locations where you can fish for Pokemon. By using a fishing rod, you can catch a variety of water-type Pokemon that you might not otherwise encounter.


The map, locations, and points of interest in Pokemon Arceus are vast and varied, offering a wide range of environments and experiences for players to explore. By visiting key locations and points of interest, you can gather valuable items, catch rare Pokemon, and advance the game’s story. Be sure to explore the game world thoroughly to uncover all of its secrets and surprises

Chapter 6: Secrets and Easter Eggs

One of the most exciting aspects of playing Pokemon Arceus is discovering all of the hidden secrets and Easter eggs scattered throughout the game. From secret items to special encounters, there’s always something new to discover. In this chapter, we’ll go over some of the most interesting secrets and Easter eggs in the game.

Mythical Pokemon Encounters:

Throughout your journey, you may encounter some Mythical Pokemon that are not easily found. These Pokemon are rare and powerful, so make sure to have a strong team when attempting to capture them.

Hidden Items:

Throughout the game, there are many hidden items that are not immediately visible. These items can be found by searching thoroughly in various locations, such as behind trees or inside caves. Some of these items can be incredibly useful, such as rare candies or evolution stones.

Team Galactic:

Team Galactic is a group of villains who seek to capture the legendary Pokemon Dialga and Palkia. Throughout your journey, you’ll encounter members of Team Galactic, and it’s up to you to stop them from achieving their goals.

Fossil Pokemon:

In Pokemon Arceus, you can collect fossils and have them revived into ancient Pokemon. There are several different types of fossils, each of which will revive a different Pokemon. Make sure to collect as many fossils as possible to add these ancient Pokemon to your team.

Shiny Pokemon:

Shiny Pokemon are incredibly rare variants of standard Pokemon. They have unique coloration and are highly sought after by trainers. While encountering a shiny Pokemon is entirely based on luck, there are several methods you can use to increase your chances of finding one.

Legendary Pokemon:

Legendary Pokemon are powerful Pokemon that are usually found at the end of the game. These Pokemon are often incredibly challenging to capture, so make sure to have a strong team and plenty of Pokeballs when attempting to catch them.

Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Kyurem, Regigigas, Heatran, Cresselia, Lunala, Solgaleo, Zacian, Zamazenta

Note that some of these Legendary Pokémon may require certain conditions to be met or specific actions to be taken in order to encounter them

Hidden NPCs:
Throughout the game, there are several hidden NPCs that you can interact with. These NPCs may provide you with items, valuable information, or even special Pokemon. Make sure to explore every corner of the game to find these hidden NPCs.

1. The Mysterious Old Man: This NPC can be found in various locations throughout the game, and will offer you valuable tips and advice on how to progress.

2. The Time Traveler: This NPC can be found in various locations throughout the game, and will allow you to travel back in time to different eras in the game world.

3. The Blacksmith: This NPC can be found in your village, and will allow you to upgrade your weapons and equipment.

4.The Mystery Researcher: This NPC can be found in various locations throughout the game, and will offer you quests and challenges that require you to collect certain items or Pokémon.

5. The Ghostly Woman: This NPC can be found in the Old Chateau, and will tell you spooky stories about the haunted mansion.

6. The Ranger: This NPC can be found in various locations throughout the game, and will offer you quests and challenges that require you to explore the game world and capture certain Pokémon.


there may be other hidden NPCs in the game as well, and some of them may offer unique quests, items, or secrets. It’s always a good idea to talk to as many NPCs as possible and explore the game world thoroughly to discover everything that it has to offer.

Secret Techniques:
In addition to the standard moves that Pokemon can learn, there are also several secret techniques that can be learned. These techniques allow you to explore new areas and interact with the environment in unique ways.

1. Chop Down: Allows you to cut down small trees and clear paths.

2. Rock Smash: Allows you to break rocks and boulders blocking your way.

3. Surf: Allows you to travel across water, including rivers and oceans.

4. Strength: Allows you to push large boulders and move heavy objects.

5. Flash: Illuminates dark caves and dungeons.

6. Fly: Allows you to fly to any location you’ve previously visited.

7. Dig: Allows you to dig through dirt and soil to uncover hidden items and passages.

8. Defog: Clears up foggy areas, making it easier to navigate and see your surroundings.

9. Waterfall: Allows you to climb up waterfalls and reach previously inaccessible areas.

Note that some Secret Techniques may be required to progress through certain parts of the game, so it’s important to learn and master them all. Some Secret Techniques can be learned by leveling up your Pokemon, while others may require you to complete quests or challenges. Keep an eye out for NPCs who offer these techniques as rewards, and always be on the lookout for hidden areas that may require certain Secret Techniques to access.

Make sure to keep your eyes open and explore every corner of the game to discover all of the hidden treasures it has to offer. Happy hunting!


Congratulations on completing this guide to all of the moves, codes, and secrets for Pokemon Arceus. With these tips and tricks, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the ultimate Pokemon trainer. Remember to always explore, battle, and catch as many Pokemon as possible, and have fun on your journey through the ancient region of Hisui.


What are the answers to the quiz in Pokémon Legends: Arceus? ›

Here are the answers for each species:
  • Combee – 6.
  • Zubat – 0.
  • Unown – 1.
  • Magneton – 3.
  • Dusclops – 1.
Feb 4, 2022

Do you need to complete all research tasks arceus? ›

It's not required to max out every Research Task, but if players are going for 100% completion, they'll have some work to do. The following are just a few Research Tasks that may give players some trouble.

Is there an official Pokémon Legends: Arceus guide? ›

An official guidebook has appeared in the latest work of the "Pokemon" series "Pokémon LEGENDS Arceus", which is a fusion of action and RPG! A convenient and affordable book that also includes a "Pokédex" that shows all of the Pokédex in the Jade region.

How many Pokémon do you need to see before catching arceus? ›

You'll need 237 Pokemon in all, and it will be the first 237 in the Pokedex. You do not need to capture the four Pokemon that have special unlock conditions: Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai, or Shaymin. Once you've captured all 237 Pokemon, you can return to the Temple of Sinnoh and play your Azure Flute to reveal a new path.

What Pokémon is 123 in Legends arceus? ›

Bonsly Pokedex Entry
NameHisui Pokedex Number
BonslyNo. 123

What Pokémon is 172 in arceus? ›


What happens if you complete every Pokédex entry arceus? ›

When players finish the entire Arceus Pokedex, they are rewarded with the Shiny Charm. However, the chances to find a Shiny Pokemon actually increase whenever players reach Level 10 on a given Pokemon's entry.

Is it possible to complete the Pokédex without trading legends arceus? ›

In a series first, Pokémon Legends: Arceus players won't need to trade with friends in order to complete the game's Pokédex. Instead, Game Freak has simplified some classic evolution methods, allowing a solo player to get every monster in the game without help.

Do you need all Pokemon research Level 10 to get arceus? ›

Research Tasks in Pokémon Legends: Arceus explained

To complete a Pokédex entry in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you need to complete enough Research Tasks for that Pokémon species until you've reached Research Level 10.

What Pokémon is 141 Arceus? ›

Honchkrow is a Dark- and Flying-type Pokemon and part of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Hisui Pokedex.

What star rank do you need to beat legends Arceus? ›

Trainers can beat Pokémon Legends: Arceus before they reach rank 10, but those looking to make it all the way to rank 10 would do well to wait until after the main story, since more Pokémon are made available in the region after that point.

How long is Pokemon Arceus tutorial? ›

At worst, the multi-hour long tutorial is an attempt to pad what might be one of the shortest Pokemon games in franchise history (which is not to say it's short, at over 20 hours long).

Do you need all 242 Pokémon to get Arceus? ›

There are 242 Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, and players will have to catch them all to fill the first-ever Pokédex of the Hisui region.

What happens if you catch more than 6 Pokémon Arceus? ›

Unfortunately, there is no way for Pokemon Legends: Arceus players to hold more than six Pokemon at a time. If players could hold more, it would indeed cause some balancing issues with the game's difficulty.

Do I need Darkrai to get Arceus? ›

What that means, if you don't know, is that you first need to catch every other Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, including ultra powerful ones like Palika, Dialga, Regigigas, and more. The only ones that don't count are the Mythical Darkrai and Shaymin.

What is Pokemon 177 in arceus? ›

Magnemite Pokedex Entry
NameHisui Pokedex Number
MagnemiteNo. 177
Feb 28, 2022

What is Pokemon 194 in arceus? ›

Rotom (Unaltered)
NameHisui Pokedex Number
Rotom (Unaltered)No. 194

What Pokemon is no 208 arceus? ›


Who is number 204 arceus? ›

Weavile Pokedex Entry
NameHisui Pokedex Number
WeavileNo. 204
Jan 28, 2022

Is Arceus V 166 172 rare? ›

Arceus V - 166/172 - Rare Ultra.

What Pokemon is 94 in Legends arceus? ›

Incarnate Forces of Hisui is the 94th Request in Pokemon Legends: Arceus and tasks you completing Pokedex entries for the Legendary Pokemon Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus. This guide will provide tips on how to get Tornadus, Thundurus, and Landorus, as well as how to unlock and catch Enamorus.

Who needs razor claw to evolve? ›

The Razor Claw (Japanese: するどいツメ Razor Claw) is a type of held item introduced in Generation IV. It allows Sneasel to evolve into Weavile or Sneasler, and also increases the holder's critical hit ratio.

Do you need Spiritomb to get Arceus? ›

Players will need to find 107 Spiritomb Wisps around the Hisui Region in Pokémon Legends: Arceus in order to complete a request and catch Spiritomb. There are 107 Spiritomb Wisps for players to find to complete an optional request in Pokémon Legends: Arceus.

How do you force space time distortions? ›

There is no way to force a space-time distortion to happen as they are random, but they are decided when you enter the area or reset the state or the last distortion ends,” the outlet explained.

Can you complete Arceus without Shaymin? ›

You don't need to capture Phione, Manaphy, Darkrai or Shaymin. You can do these quests whenever you want (if you capture them you will have 241, Arceus as final Pokémon, 242 out of 242).

Can you evolve Haunter without trading Arceus? ›

Evolving Haunter with the Linking Cord in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. The Linking Cord is an item in Pokemon Legends: Arceus that allows trainers to evolve their Pokemon without any trading involved.

How do you evolve scizor without trading Arceus? ›

The other more reliable way to get Scizor is to evolve a Scyther by using a Metal Coat on it. Metal Coat is an evolutionary item, similar to a Moon Stone or a Thunder Stone, and players can find it using several methods.

What happens if you get all Pokémon to research level 10? ›

Research Level 10 means your effective Shiny encounter rate is 1/2048.25 because you're granted an extra Shiny roll. All Research Tasks complete mean you're getting the Research Level 10 bonus plus two extra rolls, effectively making your chances 1/1024.38.

What are the shiny odds in research level 10 arceus? ›

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Shiny Odds
Passive Odds BoostRegular SpawnsMass Outbreaks
Level 10 Dex research for that species1 in 20481 in 153
Perfect Dex research for that species1 in 10241 in 141
Level 10 Dex research AND Shiny Charm1 in 8201 in 137
Perfect Dex Research AND Shiny Charm1 in 5861 in 128
1 more row
Apr 14, 2022

Is research level 10 max? ›

The maximum research level for Pokémon is 10. When this is reached, the research level will be preceded by "Complete!" If all goals are completed, this becomes "Perfect!" Reaching complete or perfect research will increase the chances of finding that Pokémon as a Shiny Pokémon.

What is Pokemon 170 in Arceus? ›

Tentacool Pokedex Entry
NameHisui Pokedex Number
TentacoolNo. 170
Feb 28, 2022

What Pokemon is 067 Legends Arceus? ›

All Pokémon Legends: Arceus Pokémon
Hisui Dex NumberNameType
109 more rows
Oct 19, 2022

Who is number 430 in the Pokedex? ›

Honchkrow - #430 - Serebii.net Pokédex.

How do you farm XP in Arceus? ›

How to gain EXP quickly in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The best way to farm EXP is to hunt down Chansey and Blissey, namely Alpha Chansey and Blissey. Not only do they give tons of EXP, but they also drop additional Exp. Candy.

What is a gigaton ball? ›

Gigaton Ball Description

A ball that is too heavy to fly high or far, but it is highly effective if you manage to hit an unsuspecting Pokemon."

What star rank is Alpha Pokemon? ›

Can You Catch Alpha Pokemon? The first Alpha Pokemon players will see is during Mission 5: A Request from Mai. Upon reaching the area that will be the Heights Camp, players will battle an Alpha Kricketune. If their Star Rank is high enough (Rank 2 or Rank 3), they'll be able to catch this Alpha Pokemon.

Why is Legends Arceus so difficult? ›

Similar to Giratina, catching Arceus is difficult because of the lengths players have to go to in order to catch it. As was stated at the beginning of the game, the player's task is to discover and catch all the Pokemon in Hisui.

How long does it take to 100% legends arceus? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Pokémon Legends: Arceus is about 25½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 77½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How long does it take to complete Scarlet Violet? ›

The main storyline of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is estimated to take around 25-30 hours to beat. This estimate takes into account time spent battling trainers, catching Pokemon, and exploring the various towns and cities throughout the game.

Do you need Darkrai and Shaymin to get Shiny Charm? ›

Obtaining the Shiny Charm is no easy feat. Not only do you need to have caught every single Pokemon in the Hisui region, but you have to raise their Pokedex Research Level to 10. Not counting Darkrai and Shaymin, that's 242 'mon that need their entries filling out to the max.

What Pokemon aren't in Arceus? ›

Despite that, there were some Johto Pokemon in the Sinnoh region that were left untouched that did not come back for Legends: Arceus.
  • Hoothoot.
  • Noctowl.
  • Wooper.
  • Quagsire.
  • Marill.
  • Azumarill.
  • Houndour.
  • Houndoom.
Mar 1, 2022

Has anyone ever captured Arceus? ›

Since its introduction in Generation 4, Arceus has only ever been officially catchable a few times.

What happens if you release a legendary Pokémon Arceus? ›

The implication appears to be that Legendary and Mythical Pokemon will simply release themselves after the player dies. Some Pokemon like Celebi, Mew, and Dialga are even able to control the flow of time, which suggests that they can simply return to the exact moment they were captured and pick up where they left off.

Are there multiple endings to Arceus? ›

Pokémon Legends Arceus has three endings: the main ending (main campaign, to see the credits), the true ending (defeat a certain character and get THAT item) and the secret ending, which gives access to the showdown against the last Pokémon in the game.

Is there any reason to keep extra Pokémon in Arceus? ›

Legends encourages players to set excess Pokémon free and incentivizes letting the shrinking monsters go with useful rewards. This makes releasing Pokémon both necessary and rewarding for trainers exploring the Hisui region.

Do you need to catch Cresselia before Darkrai? ›

As with Arceus, you'll first need to enter the Hall of Fame and obtain the National Pokedex in Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl before you can encounter Darkrai. You'll also need to have traveled to Fullmoon Island and encountered Cresselia. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl's 1.3.

What happens if you knock out Darkrai in Legends: Arceus? ›

Beating Darkrai in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Fortunately, since capturing Darkrai is required to complete the Request, the Mythical Pokémon will respawn after trainers return to Jubilife Village if they accidentally knock it out in battle.

How do you solve the riddle in Pokémon arceus? ›

That's the individual number of eyes for each Pokémon, but Uxie wants us to tell them each amount, one by one, yet all at once. What does this mean? Well, it simply means we should put the number of eyes each listed 'mon has into one number: 60131. There's your answer!

What is the answer to the number in Pokemon Legends arceus? ›

The answer to Uxie's puzzle is 60131. Each digit of this number represents how many eyes each of the Pokémon listed in Uxie's question has. In a relatively unique challenge within Pokémon Legends: Arceus, you'll need to solve a puzzle to get a special item.

What is the answer to the Lake question in Pokémon Arceus? ›

You need to answer how many eyes each Pokemon has individually, then enter them as a string of numbers. What is this? The answer is 60131.

How to do the puzzles in pokemon legends arceus? ›

In order to solve this puzzle, players will need to find the first statue on their current floor and then pay attention to the direction in which it's looking. Following its line of sight will lead to another statue, with this chain repeating until players eventually come across one that's looking at the locked door.

What is the pattern for the panels in Pokemon arceus? ›

This fourth statue will reveal traces of a "rock pattern." The fifth pattern in front of the locked door will be "ice." As a result, the correct panel series for this second puzzle is Ice, Rock, Steel, Rock, and Ice.

What is the answer to the third puzzle in Pokemon Legends arceus? ›

Which Panels To Press
Snowpoint Temple Statue Puzzle #1Rock – Steel – Ice
Snowpoint Temple Statue Puzzle #2Ice – Rock – Steel – Rock – Ice
Snowpoint Temple Statue Puzzle #3Steel – Ice – Rock – Ice – Steel – Rock
Feb 2, 2022

How do you unlock Spiritomb arceus? ›

Spiritomb will only start appearing after you finish Request No. 22 (Eerie Apparitions in the Night) where you need to find all the wisps. Spiritomb will spawn in the Shrouded Ruins at the Crimson Mirelands.

What Pokémon is number 177 in arceus? ›

Magnemite is an Electric- and Steel-type Pokemon and part of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Hisui Pokedex.

What Pokémon is number 170 in Legends arceus? ›

Tentacool is a Water- and Poison-type Pokemon and part of the Pokemon Legends: Arceus Hisui Pokedex.

What Pokémon is number 174 in arceus? ›

Magby Pokedex Entry
NameHisui Pokedex Number
MagbyNo. 174

What is the code for the lake in Pokemon Arceus? ›

Uxie at Lake Acuity: Test of Knowledge

You'll need to know the answers in order, and then compile them into a single five-digit code. That code is 60131. Once you answer that, it will reward you with a piece of the Red Chain.

How do you solve the Azelf puzzle? ›

Try to throw a few balms and you'll soon see it's difficult to do. But don't give up when it asks you to. Instead, just keep throwing until it's asked if you'll stop a few times. Then with one final throw, you'll hit Azelf.

Why does Volo turn evil? ›

A member of the Ginkgo Guild, he at first assists the player in their journey through the Hisui region. However, near the end of the game, he is revealed to be a selfish cultist that seeks to find Arceus, so he could absorb its powers in order to destroy the world and recreate it in his own image.

Can you fly up with Braviary? ›

Yes, you can, but it is not an easy task. First, you need to press Y, then+, and then A. Once you have completed the sequence Y, +, A, you will notice that your Braviary is going upwards. Although his movement is minimal, repeat the action to reach the desired location.

How do you get secret Pokémon in Legends arceus? ›

Go to the temple of Sinnoh and your respective legendary will appear there. Shortly after, the legendary you didn't pick will arrive as the final boss of the game. Using the Origin Ball, you'll then have the opportunity to catch it. From here on out, every other legendary is only accessible after beating the game.

Where is hisuian zoroark? ›

Alpha Hisuian Zoroark is located inside the Acuity Cavern that players are sent to, but at level 58 its high Speed and Special Attack stats make it a dangerous threat for the ill-prepared.


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