Why is it called a duffle coat? (2023)

What does duffle coat mean?

A duffel coat (also duffle coat) is a coat made from duffel cloth, designed with toggle-and-rope fastenings, patched pockets and a large hood. The name derives from Duffel, a town in the province of Antwerp in Belgium where the manufacturing process of this kind of fabric, a coarse, thick, woolen cloth originated.

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What country are duffle coats named after?

Early Versions. Where the classic design of the duffle coat originates from is difficult to pinpoint, though some sources present unproven claims that the coat was first found in Belgium. The duffle coat does appear to be named after Duffel cloth, which was produced in the province of Antwerp in a town called Duffel.

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Who wears a duffle coat?

It was used by militaries across Europe during the 19th century, and got its name from the thick, coarse material, which originated in Duffel, Belgium. The British Navy was best known for wearing it, but it was Army officer Lord Montgomery who became the best-known individual wearer, and the Monty is named for him.

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What are the buttons on a duffle coat called?

The toggles are probably the duffle coat's most characteristic feature. Originally, hemp cord was used in combination with wooden toggles. Gloverall substituted them with more refined looking horn toggles and leather ties in 1954, and today most toggles are made out of plastic.

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Are duffle coats warm enough for winter?

A classic duffle coat, such as our Original Duffle Coat, is crafted from a warm wool blend and is designed to offer protection from the cold. Design elements such as a fixed shoulder cape, detachable throat tab and pancake hood are all included to keep you snuggly in the winter.

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Why is it called an Afghan coat?

Modern Afghan coats originate from Ghazni province, situated between Kabul and Kandahar. The coats were made from sheepskins that were fully cured and tanned, colourful and finely embroidered with silk thread. They are ideal for the climate in Afghanistan, which is extremely cold and severe in the winter.

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What are hippie coats called?

These coats became a craze with extraordinary longevity. “Afghans”, as they were often called, were worn by many celebrities through the late 1960s. Then, for the best part of a decade, they became standard youth clothing — an archetypal hippie garment and emblem of the counterculture.

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Why is a Mac coat called a Mac?

The Mackintosh coat (or “Mac” for short) has been a wardrobe staple for nearly 200 years. The coat was originally developed in 1824 by its namesake, Scottish inventor Charles Macintosh. The original Mac was made from rubberized cloth created using a process patented by Mr.

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Why is a duster coat called a duster?

A duster is a light, loose-fitting long coat. The original dusters were full-length, light-colored canvas or linen coats worn by horsemen to protect their clothing from trail dust.

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How do you wear a duffel coat?

This will pair well with any casual outfit from a t-shirt and skinny jeans for men (complete with brown leather boots), to boyfriend jeans and black leather lace-up flat boots for women. However, if you are looking to wear your duffle coat as a formal outfit, go for a size bigger so that it fits over smart jackets.

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Is a duffle coat an overcoat?

A duffle coat is a hooded overcoat constructed from a thick, heavyweight woolen material with large toggle fastenings. A representative characteristic of the duffle coat, these toggles are often horn-shaped and traditionally thread through a leather or rope loop fastening.

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What kind of fabric is duffle?

Made from 80% Merino Wool and 20% Nylon, it is dyed to order. The name Duffle derives from the town called Duffel in Belgium where the material originates. It was once traditionally a thick coarse woollen fabric used for Duffle coats, which became popular because of the British Royal Navy.

Why is it called a duffle coat? (2023)
Are duffle coats preppy?

DUFFLE COATS—those wool toppers equipped with hoods and toggle closures—often evoke Paddington Bear or preppy types at uppity academic institutions.

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