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Iron Maiden Album Covers by Derek Riggs Spinditty

Iron Maiden (1980) 13. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son (1988) 12. No Prayer For the Dying (1990) 11. Virtual XI (1998) 10. A Matter of Life and Death (2006) 9. The X Factor (1995) 8. Killers (1981) 7. Somewhere in Time (1986) 6. Fear of the Dark (1992) 5. The Final Frontier (2010) 4. Piece of Mind (1983) 3. Brave New World (2000) 2. Powerslave (1984)

Iron Maiden Album Covers by Derek Riggs Spinditty

Man On The Edge (1995 - EMI, The X Factor) A darker period in Iron Maiden's history - Bruce Dickinson's departure, Steve Harris' divorce - was reflected in an album and artwork drawn up, seemingly, in the long shadows. While this single used Michael Douglas's nightmarish Falling Down movie as its starting point, the single sleeve.

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Iron Maiden album covers are a fascinating blend of art and music that has become a defining element of the band's identity. With their adrenaline-pumping imagery and intricate details, these covers are a testament to the band's relentless creative spirit and commitment to pushing boundaries.

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Iron Maiden is the debut studio album by English heavy metal band Iron Maiden, released on 14 April 1980 by EMI Records in the UK and Harvest and Capitol Records in the US. The North American version included the song "Sanctuary", released in the UK as a non-album single.

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classicmetalhawk July 2, 2023 Band Blogs Iron Maiden album covers are almost as much a part of the band's brand and image as the music itself. There are plenty of iconic examples down the years, even right from Maiden's early days. But which Iron Maiden album covers are the best?

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The X Factor (1995) Some people says this cover is adequate for a death/black metal band :) Yes, this cover is very atypical and deep for Iron Maiden, but I like it :D Eddie after lobotomy again (previously used on Piece Of Mind album), but in a more horror-like version by Hugh Syme. 16. Iron Maiden.

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Piece of Mind (1983) The first album with Nicko McBrain on drums, it contains the track 'Still Life' which has a message when played backwards (good old vinyl!) sticking a firm two fingers up at the critics who declared Maiden as Satanists.

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Enjoy! : r/ironmaiden. All Iron Maiden album covers in high quality. Enjoy! Live After Death artwork will always be my fav. Even the logo looks amazing in those colours. I once saw a Live After Death tshirt, was about 91-92 I believe (8-9 years old), and fell in love, it was so powerful and mystical for some reason.

Iron Maiden Album Covers by Derek Riggs Spinditty

18: 'The X Factor' (1995) Iron Maiden's tenth studio album, The X Factor, saw the group striking out into uncharted territory. New vocalist Blaze Bayley (ex-Wolfsbane) had replaced Bruce Dickinson, and the band's long-term producer Martin Birch had also retired following 1992's Fear Of The Dark.

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Here are the 10 best Iron Maiden covers of other people's songs. 10. Women In Uniform (1980) Its dodgy Benny Hill-esque sexism wouldn't wash today, but Maiden's version of Aussie band Skyhooks 1978 track was a killer punk/ Thin Lizzy mash-up. Steve Harris hated it, and guitarist Dennis Stratton was told to do one afterwards, but any tune.

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With Iron Maiden's 16th studio album, The Book Of Souls out Friday, this seems like a good time to look back on the band's many incredible album covers. Few bands ever have been more.

Iron Maiden Album Covers by Derek Riggs Spinditty

Enjoy more of the full art here. When asked to choose his favorite Iron Maiden album cover, Derek Riggs chose four. Among the four was "Stranger in a Strange Land.". It's not hard to see why. The strange, seemingly seedy land here appears not too distant from Ridley Scott's vision of 2019 Los Angeles in Blade Runner.

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Iron Maiden Album Covers by Derek Riggs Spinditty

The discography of Iron Maiden, an English heavy metal band founded in 1975 by bassist Steve Harris, includes seventeen studio albums, as well as numerous live albums, compilations, EPs, singles, video albums, music videos, and box sets.

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A killer album deserves an iconic cover, and this is it. Clearly not as intricate in throwback details as our chosen #1, but as for bold, instantly recognisable, and iconic album covers, this has it all in spades. If you took the writing off the cover, people would know that it belongs to Iron Maiden. Staunch, powerful, clean, and bloody excellent.

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