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Wataru Akiyama's Toyota Corolla Levin GT-APEX (AE86) (occasionally known as the Eight-Six Turbo, or the Levin Turbo) is the second Toyota AE86 introduced in Initial D. It is owned by Wataru Akiyama, a lone racer who later joins his cousin Nobuhiko as part of the Northern Saitama Alliance . Contents 1 History 1.1 As a solo racer

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The AE86 series of the Toyota Corolla Levin and Toyota Sprinter Trueno are small, front-engine/rear-wheel-drive models within the front-engine/front-wheel-drive fifth generation Corolla (E80) range—marketed by Toyota from 1983 to 1987 in coupé and liftback configurations.

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The Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX Hatchback AE86 is the 3door variant with the highest trim of the Toyota Sprinter Trueno E80 series. It is also known by its chassis code "AE86" or simply as the Eight-Six (Hachi-Roku), both of which also apply to other AE86 models. The Toyota Sprinter line of cars are a variant of the Toyota Corolla line, and were aimed to be sportier than the Corolla line.

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30th June, 2023 Home » Car Guides Takumi Fujiwara's Toyota AE86 has become an instantly recognizable JDM cult icon. We're taking an in-depth look at the ultimate tofu delivery car - the Initial D AE86. Introduction Takumi's Initial D AE86 Trueno Initial D AE86 Specs Initial D AE86 Engine Initial D AE86 Body & Interior

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The Toyota Corolla AE86, or Hachi-Roku (Japanese for eight-six), was only briefly in production from 1984 to 1987. However, its two variants, the Trueno (Spanish for thunder) and the Levin (Middle English for lighting), attracted quite a lot of attention, especially after the production ended.

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Takumi Fujiwara's Initial D Toyota AE86 first stage(Aoshima): https://amzn.to/3pJAQZJThe Project D version: https://amzn.to/3pLV196Happy New Year everyone, i.

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The black-and-white AE86 driven by Takumi is his father's old drift car, and it's the 17-year-old's ballsy heroics behind the wheel of the light yet-modestly-powered Toyota that lead to Takumi being introduced to the local drift scene and the world of illegal street-racing.

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Experience the thrill of owning an exact replica of Takumi Fujiwara's iconic Toyota AE86, as seen in Japanese classic manga Initial D series. This highly detailed model includes articulation points such as opening hood and trunk doors, a fully-featured interior including distinguishable seats and gear shift knob, plus working steering wheel and handbrake.

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The Toyota 86 Initial D show car is black and white like the original and features 17-inch RS Watanabe alloy wheels, a TRD-tuned suspension, a Fujitsubo sports exhaust, a front strut brace, a.

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Shinji Inui's Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86) is one of the last vehicles introduced in the Initial D series, being used in the final battle of the series. Whilst the car is owned by his mother, Shinji is incredibly skilled with the Eight-Six, having driven his mother through the Tsubaki Line for several years. The car may have been owned by Shinji's father, a rally driver who used a.

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Takumi Fujiwara's Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86) featured in the Initial D Japanese street racing manga series has been turned into a functional wireless computer mouse by Camshop. When powered up, the AE86's front and back lights also turn on, ready to use on the included special mouse pad. It measures in at 13cm x 5.1cm x 3.95cm, weigh 65g and is powered by a single AA battery. Not.

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Priced at ¥6,600 JPY (approximately $49 USD), the Initial D Toyota AE86 Trueno Wireless Mouse is available now on Camshop's website and comes with an exclusive mouse pad. In case you missed it.

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Full suspension and front wheels turn. Hood, doors and hatch all open. It is customizable with different engine, 2 different spoilers, side skirts and a front lip. Initial D obsessed delivery driver loves this car! Get ready for the ultimate Initial D racing experience with the CaDA Toyota TRUENO AE86 Building Blocks Car.

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Naturally-Aspirated Toyota AE86 Makes 11,000-RPM 'Initial D' Meme A Reality Jan. 05, 2024 7:01 PM ET by Cesar Miguel Video / Comments Of course, it used the iconic panda colors, too. We all.

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The now 64-year-old has owned an AE86 since 1984, and claims to still drive it to this day. The AE86 subsequently rose to even greater fame when the hugely successful Initial D manga was released.

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Takumi Fujiwara's Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX (AE86) (originally owned by Bunta Fujiwara), also known as The White Ghost of Akina, the Panda Trueno, or more simply as the Eight-Six (Hachi-Roku), is one of the main vehicles in the Initial D series. Bunta Fujiwara used this car to set the fastest downhill record on Mt. Akina and then used it as the delivery for his tofu shop. It would later.