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5 Reasons You Should Be Rug Layering Floorspace

By layering rugs, you can bring texture, color, and pattern to your living room, making it feel cozy and welcoming. Whether you want to create a focal point, define separate areas, or add a touch of luxury, the possibilities are endless when it comes to layering rugs.

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Dee agrees. "My favorite way to layer rugs is to take a large bottom rug to 'anchor' the scheme and then layer vintage Persians and sheepskins on top. The Persians [add] pattern and color and the sheepskins for softness and texture.". Another trendy pick is to layer a smaller cowhide on top of wall-to-wall carpeting.

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To give your space a refresh or make use of an extra rug you've had in storage, consider layering rugs with the help of a few design experts. They share how to do it properly—including getting the right proportions and which mistakes to avoid—along with a few safety tips you might not have considered.

5 Reasons You Should Be Rug Layering Floorspace

The living room is the ideal location for layered rugs, in part because you'll probably have more space to play with to showcase your efforts. The same goes for an outdoor space or patio.

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Laying Out Your Layered Rugs. Setting up LRs in a living room is an artistic endeavor that can significantly influence the room's overall feel and perception. The placement of rugs can generate diverse visual impressions and delineate distinct areas within a room. Here are some ideas and pointers for effectively setting up LRs:

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1. Colorful Living Room With Patterned Layered Rugs Image by thejangalow The beauty of layering rugs lies in their ability to create a captivating canvas that tells a story about your style. Imagine a symphony of patterns, each rug playing a unique instrument in the composition.

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The base rug will help anchor the layered rugs and provide a cohesive look to your living room. Consider Furniture Placement: Take into consideration the placement of your furniture when layering cowhide rugs. Position the layered rugs in a way that complements the arrangement of your furniture and creates a cohesive flow in your living room.

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Along with natural flooring and carpet, rugs boast many useful practical attributes. It's an excellent insulator, cutting down on draughts and thus reducing heating bills. It softens footfall.

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Choose a heavy flat rug. Jute is perfect! Just like the "rules" for laying a single carpet in a room… the bottom layered carpet should also abide by them too! Here are some tried and true suggestions… the front legs of the furniture in a room should rest on the rug OR all legs of furniture should be on the rug

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Wells agrees that incorporating layered rugs into spacious rooms is the way to go. "In the case of an oversized family room, you can create two separate spaces within the larger room by using a base rug that covers most of the floor space, and then layering a smaller rug underneath a sofa and a pair of chairs at one end of the room, to create a separate section within the larger room," she.

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How to Layer Rugs Tim McKeough Reporting on home décor Why layer rugs? Because it's easier than finding one perfect rug — and cheaper. Also, it's "very cozy," said Heide Hendricks, who.

5 Reasons You Should Be Rug Layering Floorspace

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| Layering rugs over carpet is a perfect way to upgrade the carpet without having to change it. You can add color and character to the carpet, hide any old stains, wears, tears or even just try to make the entire room look more lively. The way to layer rugs over carpets is pretty much the same as placing them on a hardwood floor.

Design Trend Layered Rugs Farmhouse Living Farmhouse rugs living

Rule 1: Keep your base neutral. "I personally think that even when you're layering several rugs on top of each other, the base should stay neutral," says designer Bethany Adams of Bethany Adams Interiors.

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The layered rug look is a popular design trend for living rooms. Learn how to bring this look into your space with our helpful guide. Rug layering remains a popular way to add an extra boost of style and comfort to your living room.

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Have a neutral rug in your space and want to spice it up? Want to use a way-too-small rug for your XL living room? Can't choose just one? Layer up! Here, we've pulled together some of our favorite combinations (rug math, if you will) and tips on how to bring the layered look into your home.